“Cheryl makes learning enjoyable. Without Cheryl’s help and tutoring my daughter wouldn’t have got into a prestigious school. She has structure, is knowledgeable and uses a variety of interactive learning methods to inspire results. I have known Cheryl for 10 years and would highly recommend her. She thrives on seeing children’s development and nudges and nurtures. I have no reservations in recommending.”

“Cheryl provides fantastic tutoring and empowers both student and parent to build knowledge, skills and confidence. My daughter has received 1:1 tutor sessions and the difference is impressive, not only in attainment but in confidence and the building of good study habits. Cheryl is a patient and excellent tutor who challenges and supports my daughter in improving understanding and raising attainment. She has also been extremely helpful in signposting us to excellent resources in a saturated market which can be difficult to navigate. Wholeheartedly recommend.”

“Cheryl is extremely knowledgeable and insightful and I totally loved how she empowered and equipped me with what I needed to teach my daughter. She took her time to listen to our needs and inspired us both to get going. Wonderfully supportive and very experienced. Highly recommend.”

“Although I attended a private school since being a junior, I used to struggle to work to the standard of other students in key subjects. I was unable to attain the highest grades, and had low confidence when it came to presenting myself as a private school student amongst others, both in-and-out of school. Cheryl really wanted me to thrive. Her patience and tenacity helped me to believe in myself, whilst also ensuring that I became a lot more disciplined and organised in the way that I carry out my studying at home, as well as in school, college and university! Cheryl’s support was vital throughout my education, (especially during my GCSEs and A Levels), and now I can reflect positivity upon all the support she’s given me after recently graduating with a BA (Hons) degree in Marketing. In fact, Cheryl’s support did not only make me enjoy studying, but it changed me as a person. Her enthusiasm to make you want to achieve the best out of yourself is priceless, and I would recommend Core Learning Support to anybody.”

“Cheryl has been amazing

My little girl lacked confidence and hated anything that was remotely like school work. Cheryl’s nurturing approach to teaching has completely changed this in such a short period of time
I love the detailed feedback I get from Cheryl and the friendly advice and reassurance.”