Recommended Online Learning Programmes


Maths Whizz is my favourite online learning programme for 5-13yr olds. It begins with a placement test which ensures that the child is set lessons at the most appropriate level. However, even when the child has started the programme, it still allows the child the flexibility to ‘Jump Ahead’ and to skip questions which may be too easy or seem boring. Similarly, it prevents a child from becoming stuck on more difficult topics, by constantly reviewing and adjusting accordingly. I mostly appreciate its transparent communication to a parent with progress reports according to each topic. The child is incentivised with credits which can be used to unlock short games or virtual pets and decorations for their Avatar character.

See this video for further details:

I am able to provide students of Core Learning Support with a Voucher Code for a discount off the annual fee. Please contact me for further details.


To sign up to Maths-Whizz, parents just need to go to this page:

Parents will then have a 7-day trial before they are billed, and it will upgrade automatically at the end of the trial.


Reading Eggs is made up of guided lessons that are easy to follow and match your child’s ability. There are over 2500 children’s books in the online library. It has songs, animations and rewards to make learning to read fun. Parents can access progress reports to track their child’s progress and to reward with printable certificates. It is tablet and desktop compatible.


Fun games and activities that build alphabet letters and phonics knowledge, and ready‑to‑read skills.

READING EGGS – Ages 5yrs+

Children follow structured, one‑on‑one lessons that teach phonics, sight words, vocabulary and reading skills.

READING EGGSPRESS – Ages 7-13yrs includes Comprehension

Older children can continue building key literacy skills for reading comprehension success.

Plus, MATHSEEDS Ages 3⁠–⁠9yrs

Nurture an early love of maths with 200 highly engaging structured lessons and activities that build essential maths skills, offer exciting rewards and printable worksheets